We are an experimental design studio exploring spacial ideas and its relationship with the site, inspect materials, its properties and lay bare its raw natural beauty.


Greek styled villa with sun lounging terraces overlooking the river


This riverfront house is located on an Island formed by a perennial river and a stream. The house comprises of three volumes stacked beside each other and spaced 120 degrees apart so as to catch the prevalent winds throughout the year. All the three volumes are topped with vaults at different levels. The entrance porch is a tall water tower and the back side has a large cantilevered patio hovering over the river.



Organic style home in the suburbs of Mumbai


This studio apartment is designed for a young couple and is a composition of twin long vaults. One housing the living space and the other the master suite. These spaces are connected to each other through smaller vaults and arched openings carving out spaces for kitchen, wardrobe and bathrooms. The spaces flow seamlessly into each other, creating an integrated whole and giving the feel of a sculpted greek cavern.


This single bedroom which sits within a garden is designed for a flamboyant couple in the quaint suburb of Pali Hill. The organically designed spaces seamlessly flow into each other, thinning the boundaries and bringing nature closer to the living. The spaces take on a sculptural form with some wrapped in turquoise mosaic, some in mediterranean whites, while others in slate and green.


Garden perched high above the urban clatter of the city


This rooftop garden comprises of an organic free flowing arched canopy, springing from the floor and slowly rising to a level where it becomes the roof and encompasses the whole length of the garden. The spaces beyond the framed veranda serve as built in planters for trees or an occasional lily pond. Ferocrete was chosen as the building material to create this monolithic sculptural form. The canopy is covered with and accessible lawn for the inhabitants to watch the sun set into the Arabian Sea, or sprawl out and enjoy the night sky.



Sea-facing mediterranean garden


 This garden is located on the roof of a three storied heritage building and is an extension to a mediterranean home. The garden frames seamless views of the arabian sea that the house proudly commands. The lily pond, brick arches, boulders, in ground planters and brick steps add the essential ground anchorage to this garden and gives an illusion of one sitting on a cliff by the mediterranean sea side. 



Riverfacing cottages in a mango orchard


This weekend retreat is for a film director. The house sits at the far end of a mango orchard and on the banks of a perennial river. The house comprises of three cottages surrounding a contoured garden. The smaller cottages sit on the riverbank and have terraces hovering over the river. The larger cottage houses the living space and the kitchen. The slate roof, stone floor and the ochre walls give the house a serene Balinese feel.



Warm and cozy, greek styled salon 


This salon designed for a hair stylist duo is located in a calm by lane of the Bandra suburb. The space was designed on the greek theme to add elegance to the existing low concrete shell. The central space is the open hair styling floor flanked by other ancillary functions on its farthest edge. Large seamless mirrors create an illusion of a larger space and the white stucco walls give it the necessary warmth that a salon requires.



Organic style salon in the suburbs of Mumbai


The salon is designed for a young creative hair stylist and is located in a calm by lane of Bandra. The space design is inspired from the Organic style of architecture. The hairstyling stations in the central space is designed like a floating seed. The floor to ceiling mirrors create an illusion of a larger space. The black chip mosaic adds depth to the space and the white painted walls add the necessary warmth.



Salon in Thane


This hairstyling salon located in Hiranandani estate township of Thane. The tall crossvaulted spaces create a sense of grandeur, and the ample use of reclaimed wood has added the necessary warmth to the space. The full length mirrors create the illusion of a larger space. The clover shaped hairstations are centrally located to create free unobstructed space and at the same time add privacy to the clients in the salon. All storage, colour mixing and other ancellory functions are hidden away from the salon floor. The warm colour tones of real wood and exposed bricks compliment the clean white walls of the salon. The external facade is brick arched with wooden shutters and fluted glass



Minimal and Serene


This house made in all white and wood has been designed for a young industrialist. The house was designed keeping in mind the bare beauty of materials. The elements in the house have been ripped down to the bare essentials, leaving most of the spaces open and clutter free. The wooden suspended ceilings add continuity and dynamics to this calm zen like house.



Serinity Personified


The site is located at the foot of a hill and has a seasonal stream flowing through it. The house is essentially a bridge over the stream and is composed of five brick domes. The house is set amidst a manmade fruit forest (amba-wadi) and looks out towards a large pond on one end and a pool on the other.


Concrete & Nature


This is an upcoming weekend home at the outskirts of Mumbai city in a remote location secluded and away from the noise and the lights. The house once completed will be partially below ground with lawn on the roof, with skylights getting light into the space, with breeze flowing through the house uninterrupted. The house looking across the dense plantation towards the twin peaks of Gorakgad and Machindargad. At night one can sleep on the  lawn roof and enjoy the clear sky and see the constellation. No city lights to hamper the view. The nearest village is 2km away, so no noise at night, only the noise of crickets and insects. Nostalgic!!! 


This home for an artist couple focuses on the various experiences that come with different colors and textures of materials like stone, bare concrete, wood mosaics and textured walls. The multiple partitions of this four bedroom apartment were removed to give way to a more fluid space to work as fertile grounds for the free and wild growth of these extremely creative individuals.